Dragon’s Blood All Natural Essential Oil

Dragon’s Blood All Natural Essential Oil

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Size: 10 ml
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100% Pure Dragon’s Blood Essential Oil

Sizes: 10ml, 30ml, 4oz and 10ml Roll On
Botanical origin: South American Rain Forest
Botanical name: Croton Lechleri

Made in USA

Unleash the mystical aroma and potential benefits of our Dragon's Blood Essential Oil. Sourced from the enchanting realms of South American Rain Forest, this exceptional oil captures the essence of dragon's blood resin, known for its exotic fragrance and potential therapeutic properties.

Key Features:

100% Pure: Our Dragon's Blood Essential Oil is meticulously extracted through steam distillation from the rich dragon's blood resin, ensuring the preservation of its natural, unadulterated qualities.

Mystical Aroma: Immerse yourself in the exotic and earthy scent of dragon's blood oil. Its unique fragrance can transport you to a realm of mystery and enchantment.

Versatile Benefits: Dragon's Blood Essential Oil is celebrated for its diverse range of potential uses. From promoting emotional balance to adding a touch of intrigue to your space, it's a versatile addition to your collection.

Emotional Support: Dragon's blood oil is believed to have potential emotional benefits. Diffuse it to create an ambiance that fosters grounding, empowerment, and introspection.

Usage Instructions:

Aromatherapy: Diffuse a few drops of Dragon's Blood Essential Oil to experience its captivating aroma. Its exotic properties make it ideal for creating an atmosphere of mystery and tranquility.

Topical Application: Dilute Dragon's Blood oil with a carrier oil and apply it to the skin. Its grounding and empowering scent can support emotional well-being.

Sacred Rituals: Incorporate Dragon's Blood oil into meditation or ritual practices. Its mystical aroma can enhance your connection to your inner self and the spiritual realm.


Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Bottle Type: Amber glass bottle

Elevate your senses with the enchanting power of Dragon's Blood Essential Oil. Experience the mysterious aroma and embrace the versatile benefits it offers. Infuse your space with the exotic essence of dragon's blood resin and explore its potential to enhance your spiritual and sensory journey.

***Please note that although all the plants & flowers we use come from various origins, the distillation process and bottling of those plants & flowers to become the essential oils & synergy essentials oil blends you purchase from Skylara Essentials are all made in USA***

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