About Us

It all began in 2007 when Juan and Kimberly, now husband and wife, first met in Miami, Florida. Juan is originally from the countryside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was raised by his mother, a registered nurse, and learned at an early age the importance of eating healthy and proper exercise. Kimberly was on a spiritual journey after suffering the loss of two family members the year before. Kimberly studied nursing, energy healing and became a Reiki Master Instructor. Together they developed a passion for holistic remedies, steering away from Western medicine, becoming Certified Aroma therapists and studying the specific origins to bring superlative properties to each bottle.

   Married since 2008, the couple has integrated their love of homeopathic medicine, the Earth’s elements and children’s names (Skyler & Dara) to create Skylara Essentials. They incorporate essential oils into their daily lifestyle and decided to do the same for others. Their goal is to bring quality, health and wellness into homes across the country.

   Juan and Kimberly have thoroughly researched all corners of the world to discover the finest essential oils and deliver them to you from their hometown of Suwanee, Georgia.